Making withdrawals at online casinos

Online casinos can sometimes mystify new players with terminology and technical details. Depositing and withdrawing are two stages which cause confusion, especially for those who don’t usually shop online. The two are simply opposites – you deposit when you transfer money to an online casino and you withdraw when you transfer money back to your personal account. When you enjoy your first wins, withdrawing is how you get the money and it’s a very exciting time! This is a short guide to explain the withdrawal process.

How do withdrawals work online?

Withdrawing is done by navigating to the same part of your online casino that you used when depositing. Usually this is a ‘my account’ or similar section, linked at the top right of the site. Look for a withdrawing section. Once there, you should see your current balance of money held by the casino. Then you simply type in the amount that you want to withdraw (some players leave a little behind so they don’t have to deposit again next time they want to play) and enter any security passwords they need. Most of your details will already be in the casino’s database from when you deposited (in fact, you will usually have to withdraw to the same source that you deposited with). The casino will mark the transaction as pending and then you just wait for the funds to arrive.

Withdrawing is unlike depositing because it takes a bit longer. You will typically wait 3-5 working days for a withdrawal to be processed (1-2 days at the casino’s end, then 2-3 with the bank, though this varies). For that reason, don’t panic if your money doesn’t show up straight away, especially on weekends. This time also varies depending on your bank and your method. For example, payment to e-wallet services like Neteller tends to be much faster, processed in a day or two – but remember that you then have to withdraw the money again, from Neteller to your personal account. They may also charge a nominal fee for handling the cash, especially if you need to change currencies. Many casinos offer postal cheques too, which of course require you to wait for delivery.

One other factor that can delay withdrawals and cause concern is wagering requirements. If you took a bonus on your deposit, you will usually have some kind of requirement to meet. This simply means that you need to spend/wager a certain amount of money before you can withdraw any winnings. This is to stop players taking bonus free cash and running. Note that it can be higher than the bonus amount you received, so check the site terms and conditions. You can spend winnings to contribute to this requirement, so it doesn’t mean that you have to deposit more money, if you don’t want to. Remember, when in doubt, simply contact your casino’s customer support team. They can check your account and ensure that your funds are being processed.