Making deposits at online casinos.

When you’re getting started with online casinos, sooner or later you’ll need to make your first deposit! You can’t win money without betting some. This step can put off a lot of players, especially those who don’t do a lot of buying online. There’s some understandable trepidation about sharing payment information over the net, plus it can feel a bit technical. Fortunately, the process gets easier very quickly! This is a short guide to explain how to deposit to casinos and what it involves.

How do deposits work online?

Depositing to a casino is much like buying any item online, except of course you’re transferring money from your account to an account with the casino, rather than getting a product in return. Once your money is in the casino account, you can spend it on games however you please. Then, you (hopefully) withdraw winnings back to your personal account. Most players will make their first deposit at the same time as registering with a site. The site’s home page will lead you through this process, with a button saying ‘register’, ‘join now’ or similar. You then get a form for entering your name, email address and other information. After that, you’ll be asked for your first deposit.

The vast majority of online casinos accept credit and debit cards like Mastercard and Visa, with some requiring at least one card on file to prove your identity- this should be made clear at the time. You then simply find your account page (usually linked at the top right of a site) and enter the card numbers they request. Many sites will have a minimum deposit of around $10. Note also that your first deposit will be eligible for a welcome bonus, so you can double or triple that amount depending on the casino’s terms and conditions. Sites will make this very clear to you, as it’s their main draw for new players. Remember to check how much you need to pay back in return, but welcome bonuses are a great way to try out a site and start the ball rolling.

Several online casinos accept other forms of payment too, which you can check at the time. Many players like to use e-wallet services like PayPal, Neteller and Skrill. This simply means that you have an account with a third party and money goes through them before the casino. This gives an extra layer of security, as each site you join only has your email address, not your full account information. These services sometimes charge a small amount for withdrawing fees, but so do some credit cards, so they tend to even out. It’s really down to personal preferences. Whatever method you choose, once you’ve made the first deposit and the casino has stored your information, you’re good to go. Future deposits will just involve going to your account page and choosing an amount, plus entering your password. The best casinos also use SSL encryption to protect your stored information – certificates for this are usually displayed proudly in the depositing or ‘about’ section.