Online casino gambling in South Africa

South Africa is a great example of a country which has enjoyed a boom in online gambling. For a long time, it was difficult for South African players to find a suitable online casino, usually due to limitations of language and currency. Fortunately, more sites are arriving all the time which cater to South Africans. There are some legal questions which make life more tricky for South Africans playing online, but the country has a huge slot fan base nonetheless.

The ins and outs of gambling in South Africa.

South Africa has strict laws about gambling, which confuse a lot of players. It should be noted that anyone gambling online in South Africa does so at their own risk and should consult local laws on the matter. The legal rules for gambling in South Africa are dictated by the National Gaming Board, which currently states that online gambling is illegal. For that reason, players will often find that the sites which are aimed at South Africans are based outside of the country, though in the digital age this is really not uncommon or much of a problem.

While certain land casinos are legalised in very limited ways, online gambling remains a tricky subject. Though it is illegal to play on sites in or even outside of South Africa, it is understood that these laws are not commonly enforced and play generally goes on uninterrupted. Players are rarely fined for this activity, but should still be aware of the risks. Players should still ensure that the sites they choose are regulated and licenced in whatever country they are based in. Gambling winnings are not usually considered taxable in South Africa, which is the case with the national lottery.

Depositing and withdrawing are as standard with South African casinos. While you may find that some sites cannot accept certain payment forms because of the legal complications, the majority will accept Visa and Mastercard, occasionally direct transfers and most e-wallet services like Neteller. Depositing should be instant as usual, though be aware that some sites may ask for identification to withdraw. E-wallets will usually process withdrawals faster than cards. You should have no problem finding sites which use the South African Rand, but also look for localised language to make depositing easier to understand.

The main software provider seen for South African online casinos is probably Microgaming. This is a top choice for a site with a strong game selection, as they have 400+ games and a good mix of slots, table games and instants. Microgaming sites are known for reliability and smooth running, plus some offer a downloadable software option. This is handy if you have spotty internet access, letting you download much of the data just once, to store for future sessions. One of the best features offered for Microgaming site members is Live Dealer roulette, where you can actually see real dealers via streaming video!

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