Beginners Information for Online Casino Gambling

The world of online gambling, from roulette and bingo to virtual slots, has boomed a lot in the last few years. Moving on from a time when the only slot machines existed in pubs and traditional casinos, you can now access a stunning amount of slot games from the comfort of your own home – or even out and about thanks to mobile technology. The downside of this boom is that there can be too much information for beginners, so this is a little guide to tell you what to look for when you’re starting out.

Demystifying the welcome bonus.

When you first look at online casinos, you’ll probably see an advertisement for a certain site or be recommended by a friend. Remember that you aren’t limited at all by how many sites you can join, so you’re never stuck with the first site you see and can always try new things. In fact, many players switch sites regularly in order to claim bonus money. When you first enter a casino site, you’re sure to see a big advertisement for their current welcome bonus – this is a common tactic used by the vast majority of online casinos.

Welcome bonuses are one of the first forms of jargon you’ll encounter and it can put some players off, so it’s a good first hurdle to explain. Typically, they take the form of free cash which is added to your account when your deposit for the first time (sometimes there are optional bonuses for second, third etc). Look for a percentage, such as 100%, which means that your money will be matched completely. In other words, if you deposit $50, you’ll get $50 free cash. A 200% bonus means your $50 will receive $100 on top and so on. Bonuses also have a certain maximum limit too, so that’s another reason to shop around. Now, while this free cash is great for trying out a site, it’s important to note that you can’t just take it and run. You will also get a wagering requirement, so you’ll need to spend at least the free amount, sometimes more, before you can withdraw any winnings. Always check the site’s terms!

Once you’re joined up, you just have to find the games! Most sites clearly show their top games on the home page, or look along the top or left hand side of the screen for links to their game catalogues. Table games play much as they do in the real world and most have a help button which will give you some hints and tips. Slot games online tend to be the 5-reel variety which can bamboozle new players, especially with all their special features, but remember you can usually play demo mode to try them out at your leisure without spending money. This is the key to getting comfortable with your new favourite casino!